Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Worlds largest collar jacket!

I reckon it is! and I'm the proud owner of it. I just bought it off a young lady from Lithuania. It pays to keep an eye on ebay. These pictures are of the seller wearing it. By the looks of things it fits her very well and she looks quite good in it. I asked her to measure the collar and it's 20.5" high. This jacket features a very fine quality ribbing that's lovely and stretchy and looks great.  I'd love to put the ribbing from this jacket on one of my quilted jackets but I'll have to take a couple of thousand photo's of it on models first! Ideally, I'll source or manufacture this ribbing for my new jackets. I would also like to replace the snap fixtures of this jacket with a nice steel zipper also. It's possible!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


My latest design, the 'JEALOUS WOMAN' coat. I.E. this is my final revenge of womankind for having access to lovely long down belted coats for years! I hope to make the girls jealous with this sexy little number. This literally took me an hour to do. Instead of wasting time doing photo-realistic photoshop drawings I now just do simple flat vector drawn outlines. Although quite simple looking you can change and tweak colours at the click of a mouse.

I'm sending this down coat away for manufacturing this weekend. It will have premium goose down of the highest quality with waterproof pertex shell. The coat is based on a woman's coat in terms of styling but will be twice as 'voluminous' and of a far superior quality than the usual North Face etc womens coats. However, will be a difficult one to wear!! The collar on this jacket will be 16" - 18" inches and very imposing. I learned the hard way about designing these huge collars. The slightest variation can be the difference in being able to zip it up or not. And having a collar this huge on a coat and not being able to zip it up is literally 'hell on earth'. But I'm skilled now. Having said that it's always in the seamstress.

I've shown two options here. I usually like a black zip and therefore I like to use black as one of the colours on the coat. For some reason I want to use a very vivid second colour. The coat will have quite a few zip and velcro pockets (not all shown). I may also include side zips at the bottom hem of coat and cuff zippers. If I include 2 internal zip pockets and 2 arm zip pockets (ski pass etc.) a total number of 13 zips will be necessary on the coat!!

I'm also working on a few polartec fleeces to be worn underneath. I'm using polartec 'powerstretch' for the collars and will hopefully come up with some cool new ideas. I gotta act fast as winter is approaching!!


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Monday, 8 August 2011

More 'Fetish' photography

I reckon I'm getting better at taking pictures. This is the gorgeous 22 year old model Maria. 5' 9" with a great figure for wearing this dress Jeremy Scott Dress. Check out the lovely 'Madonna-esque' bra type stitching on the chest area. I really like these pics. Only 3 here and I took over 300 of her. Usually a lot of shots are scrapped but I had a good strike rate that day. Maria is a dream to work with and looks brilliant.

I gotta say, photographing a beautiful women in clothing that one finds very sexy is an absolute delight! Maria is thrilled with these shots as she wants them for her portfolio and isn't charging me for time. 'Time for print' is what it's called.


also on flickr:

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Wow, where do I start. Well I guess the acting lessons paid off then. And the new camera (which I bought for work, ahem..) is definitely paying off. As well as delivering stunning pictures. With the right lens, this camera is capable of fantastic hi def filming. So last Saturday night I decide to 'throw together' some shots of my jackets. As I already mentioned, youtube is awash with really poor down jacket (bondage) type vids. I.E. Guys wearing jackets backwards with the hoods covering their faces as they grope themselves so I said I'd try something different. Although slow moving and a little drawn out, I reckon this vid really captures the 'essence' of the jackets. The creases, the sounds, the softness and puffyness of the jackets are really well conveyed here if I do say so myself. The fact that these jackets are 'custom' and not another bloody north face nuptse jacket is also a welcome sight. This video is 'part 2' of a 3 part series. So there's more to come. I guess all I can say is to watch it and let me know what you think.

Enjoy, H.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Ya know what? I'm sick of looking at peoples (men's mostly) crappy fetish videos on Youtube. Even some successful pay sites have crap quality vids. I.E. female down jacket fetish videos that are expensive to purchase yet of shitty quality and very badly filmed. Like as if they're filmed on real old 'handy cam' cameras - PURE CRAP. There are some very talented photographers and videographers out there but in different fetish genres. I.E 'Scuba fetish' etc. Hap Water and are awesome but they're not making movies about zip collars and sexy ski jackets are they?

At the risk of sounding like a complete 'full of myself' pain in the ass, I think I'm the first person in the world to do proper 'zip collar' fetish photography and video. And hand on heart I can honestly say that (other than the moderator of I am probably the most active zip collar fetishist in the world. I'm surely one of a kind. Am I weird because of my fetish? - No. Am I different? - Yes! Do I enjoy it? FUCK YEAH!

With the acceptance of this 'unusual' fetish I have decided to embrace it and make the most of it. After all, I can't seem to beat it. So it's here to stay then.

Last Monday I had a 23 year old girl call over to my Apartment. She was in my place for 3 hours. On her own too -  not bullshit escort which in itself is 'sleazy'. For the first hour we chatted about Golf and other sports. We had a lot in common (apart from our age). After 60 mins or so I was showing her some track tops. Within a few mins after that I was zipping her up in 'the usual' adidas track top and tight leggings. We did a lot of photos. She isn't a 'pro' model so the novelty of having someone photograph her and compliment her in the process showed on her face.

Anyway, I've added another string to my bow then. Another model. And guess what, I have another girl interested too.

The title of this post is 'ZIP COLLAR - THE MOVIE' so here it is then. I'm making a high quality movie about zip collars. Filmed with a Sigma 50mm prime lens on a Canon 60d this video shows the adventures of 'Mr. Zippy' a clumsy burglar who tries to rob a house but get's distracted by the sexy high zip collar and down jackets. It's a work in progress so watch this space...

Here's some stills:

down-jacket-fetish down-snorkel-parka high-zip-collar fetish-video

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Introducing 'MARIA' - My new Model

The recent purchase of the Canon DSLR has proved to be a great asset to my design business and I have the excuse now to go out there and get some 'SEXY FETISH CLOTHES' pics. I've just met a 22 year old model called Maria who's interested in doing some shots with me. I used her for a work shoot for a company I'm re-branding and asked her if she'd model some of my collection. She' was well up for it. Not only is she beautiful but she is very relaxed and has a great attitude. Very mature. She has no bullshit 'escort' either. I even collected her in my car and we went to some great locations for photos, me ending up telling her my life story in the process. Although it's quite a turn on to be in the company of a good looking woman wearing clothes you have a fetish for, I don't believe in bieng hands on and pervy. However I did do a lot of 'adjusting' on her clothes and she was quite ok about it. And here's the best bit; although I offered to pay her she insisted on doing shoots for free!!

More to follow but enjoy these 3 pics for now. Feedback appreciated.

Friday, 3 June 2011


I keep coming across this jacket in ebay. It's quite interesting. The zip covers the face and it's reversible!

Cool Jacket.